at Metro

Location: 3730 N Clark St. (under Metro)
Price: $$$
Genre(s): Electronic/House/Electro/Disco/Funk/Dubstep/Drum’n’Bass
Best For: Dancing / DJ’s / Electronic Music Fans
Staff Rating: 7/10
Sound System Rating: 9/10 
Decor & Atmosphere Rating: 7/10
Overall Rating: 8/10

The staff at SmartBar are extremely professional, having held more parties and afterparties than many of the city’s other clubs combined. The bartenders, while not warm and chatty are not entirely cold and void of charisma, they just are often too busy to exude any charm. Drinks are fairly expensive, but made rather quickly and are often on the strong side. It is somehow very easy to get quite intoxicated at SmartBar, and the club stays open until 4 or 5 AM on weekends, so be careful with those late-night vodka + Red Bull’s lest you be in pain the following morning.

SmartBar has most likely the best sound system in the vast majority of the United States between New York and Los Angeles, and definitely the best in the Midwest area. Another Funktion One system, this setup was designed with loud electronic music in mind and never disappoints. SmartBar hosts the crème de la crème of the world’s electronic DJ’s and is the one place in Chicago that professional DJ’s will routinely pick to play, even over larger venues. If you value the low-end bass provided by the world’s best speaker company and the city’s best sound system, come to SmartBar.

As I previously stated, SmartBar plays host to the world’s best DJ’s when they come to Chicago. Situated directly under the Metro, arguably the city’s best live music venue, the quality and quantity of shows at SmartBar is second to none. If you want to go out for a quiet night on the town and have a long conversation with your friends, this may not be the place to go, but if you want to go out to a club to dance to great sounding music or just watch your favorite DJ spin some records, SmartBar is definitely the place to be.

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